Bio-Available & Bio-Equivalence

ARTECH BIOMED provides services right from the start of a Bio-equivalence & Bio-availability setup with the comprehensive assessments which include:

  • Provision of consultancy in domain of Bio-availability and Bio-equivalence studies.
  • Consultation in terms of Laboratory design according to International standards
  • Definition of in order to define Protocols and SOP for Method Validation for all equipment and processes required in the lab.
  • Supplies, Installation & commissioning & after sales support on equipment and materials on turn-key basis.
  • We also combine traditional business management solutions with technical expertise to give a 360° picture of project needs.
  • We can streamline your workflow and improve the accuracy and value of your QA and performance metrics with the assistance of foreign consultants specialized in the relevant field of applications.
  • Bio statistical services (Design, Evaluation and Assessment Studies)
  • Increased quality control (results vs. standards)
  • Measure, identify, and project quality, performance, and business metrics
  • Assistance in development of In Vivo studies to define BE