Bio-Available & Bio-Equivalence

ARTECH BIOMED provides services right from the start of a Bio-equivalence & Bio-availability setup with the comprehensive assessments which include:

  • Provision of consultancy in domain of Bio-availability and Bio-equivalence studies.
  • Consultation in terms of Laboratory design according to International standards
  • Definition of in order to define Protocols and SOPs for Method Validation for all equipment and processes required in the lab.
  • Supplies, Installation & commissioning & after sales support on equipment and materials on turn-key basis.
  • We also combine traditional business management solutions with technical expertise to give a 360° picture of project needs.
  • We can streamline your workflow and improve the accuracy and value of your QA and performance metrics with the assistance of foreign consultants specialized in the relevant field of applications.
  • Bio statistical services (Design, Evaluation and Assessment Studies)
  • Increased quality control (results vs. standards)
  • Measure, identify, and project quality, performance, and business metrics
  • Assistance in development of In-Vivo studies to define BE


ARTECH BIOMED (P v t) LTD has started to provide consultation services for the development of Bio Technology based Pharmaceutical preparations (enzymes, vaccines, hormones). The services which are being offered to Pharmaceutical Manufacturers are enlisted as follows;

  • Market Analysis
  • Growth Trend Analysis
  • Financial analysis required for Acquisitions “GREENFIELD”
  • Assistance in completing the Drug Regulatory requirements.
  • Risk Mitigation Strategy
  • Assistance in procurement of Machinery & Lab Equipment
  • Building designing & construction
  • QC protocols as per international standards