ARTECH BIOMED since its establishment in 2007, helps healthcare set-ups & hospitals on patient care while reducing costs, improving efficiency and quality.

ARTECH BIOMED is a highly innovative, multi-business company that markets medical device products.

At ARTECH BIOMED strategic planning, market research reports and healthcare analysis are being offered, assistance is also provided for the designing, preparation and planning of a Bioequivalence Setup, consultation is also provided in review of in vitro & in vivo clinical trials.

About Us

We, ARTECH BIOMED (Pvt.) Ltd. capitalize on our expertise and experience to provide a wide spectrum of services to our clients. ARTECH BIOMED and its associate companies balance project needs, technology influence, and budget to ensure effective and high quality results.

  1. Project Feasibilities and Concept Design for Healthcare and Research Projects.
  2. Professional Consultation Services for identification and procurement of technologies ac-cording to the requirement of Projects.
  3. “turn key” Solutions of Equipment to Healthcare & Research Projects/Organizations.
  4. Provision of Engineering Services for installation/maintenance of equipment.
  5. Sales & Inventory maintenance of Therapeutic or Diagnostic equipment & consumables.
  6. Institutional data management for Healthcare & Research Projects.
  7. Bio Equivalence Studies for Healthcare & Research Projects.


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